About Pierre Melchers, the artist

Artist name: MelchMan Signature: MM Self-educated artist since 1990. Self-trained new media artist since 2019. Educated at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf. Lives in Old Montreal, Quebec. Passionate non-conformist artist, his constantly evolving body of work created with no boundaries reflects the artists mindset and is infused with powerful emotions. 4 years and multiple thousands of hours to develop skills were put in by the artist to create what you now see.

Creative process

The essence of the creative process is a very fertile imagination. The end product can best be described as an enchanting brew where are mixed multiple layers of images, colors, lights, vibrations and sensations. All creations are protected by copyright and cannot be reproduced in any way.

Virtual to reality

The original creation is inked on paper in high resolution by a specialized printing firm. Works are produced as per the client’s choice of size up to an average of 864 square inches (example 24×36 inches).Larger sizes available at additional cost. Works can also be mounted on a thin aluminum sheet or behind a clear acrylic, this at additional cost.

Pricing estimate

MM unique creations are currently priced at 750$ (Canadian) Shipping and any applicable taxes will be added. To order: 1. Click Order on the work you have selected. 2. Specify your preferred size in the order form. 3. Indicate the shipping address. 4. Click send at bottom of the form. Any questions, simply call or email me. Pierre Melchers Phone: 514-865-3784 Email: pierre@melchman.com. A discount of 10% will be applied should the client purchase multiple works in the same order.